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Sara Corckran

Do you ever feel like you are showing up in the world in world in a way that is not what you intended?  Have you ever wondered what your strengths are and how to use them to be your best self?  Thoughts like these are what started me on my coaching journey.  I had a drive to live a more positive and intentional life.


  I believe that people are the expert of their own lives and that through powerful questions and curiosity they will uncover the answers. Coaching has taught me to increase the power of my questions so that they are a catalyst for change for my clients.  Positive Psychology tools help people see what is rather than what isn't.  I use positive questions that guide clients to think about their strengths, what is possible, and how they can be more curious about what can be learned from a situation.   Clients experience change in the form of reaching new goals, identifying core values, gaining clarity, seeing new perspectives, and changing the lense in which they view the world.


Higher Altitude Coaching

Perspective, Clarity and Beauty

The name Higher Altitude Coaching emerged at a confluence of beliefs.   The first belief is that when we see our lives from 10,000 feet (a higher altitude) we gain perspectives.  With new perspectives comes clarity, understanding and new realizations.  Higher Altitude is also tied to Positive Psychology which is a strong influence in my life and in my coaching.  In traditional psychology the practitioners goal was to help clients move from "unwell" to "neutral."  In Positive Psychology the belief has changed from taking clients from a place of "fine" to "flourishing." Positive Psychology practitioners affectionally call this north of neutral.  My take on north of neutral is Higher Altitude, it fits especially well because I love the Teton Mountains and it is where I am often found flourishing with friends and family.


Living with Intention

Positive Psychology Life Coach Session

Change the lens in which you view the world by helping you see what is beautiful. 

Get the Most out of Life

Group Coaching Session

Bringing the tools for being your best self to your team, community or group.


“The power to question is the basis of all human progress”

Indira Ghandi”


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